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Jul 16, 2012 at 03:43 PM



Hi EAM Experts,

Once again i am asking about MCB. In my earlier post, about the Check Maintenance Budgeting icon in IW31/IW32 where it is activated via LOG_EAM_CI_4 Business Function.

Now, i found out that when you click on the icon, it opens the MCB_BUD_SCR (a Structure table) where it contains the values for Annual Budget, Used Budget, planned budget and so on... looking at the code for the program for MCB_BUD_SCR, it gets its data from MCB_BUD transparent table.

Now, i am stuck at MCB_BUD table, i do not know where the information in this table comes from.

My Question is: Does anybody knows how MCB_BUD transparent table is populated with information so that when you click on the check maintenance cost budgeting icon, it will give the information on how much remaining budget is available, based on the planned cost of the current order being created?

I have read documentation in MCB, however, what i found is that the retraction from BW is done using a BADi, and the approved budget is set up in either IM or PS. Does anyone have an updated MCB documentation/configuration guide?

Your valuable inputs will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,