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Jul 16, 2012 at 02:39 PM

error message during MIGO 110 movement type


Hi Gurus,

Can anybody please throw some light on how to resolve this issue. We are trying to reverse a PO via MIGO-GR-PO - movement type 110. Thats when we aree getting this error message that says.

Check table T156M: entry ME24 0 1 does not exist

Process wise: we use the process of 107, 109 for receiving the material especially on international purchases. we are in USA and the material comes from ASIA. so the vneodr will notify us when they put the material on the ship at that time we do 107, which will update the value and not the quantity, this will immediately allow our accoutingin to put the invoice and process it. when the material acrtually shows up at our plant at that point we do 109. pretty standard process. but when we try to back out the 109, by performing 110, the above error message we get. i know its aconfig entry missing somehwere, unable to figure out where it is. please help