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Jul 16, 2012 at 11:47 AM

External Notifications sent after every alternative wrongly to the approver who already approved the Work Item


Hi All,

We are using SAP SRM 5.0 and have implemented n-step BADI for shopping cart header level approval.

We have scheduled SWN_SELSEN program as background job for external notification and configured external notifications with transaction SWNCONFIG (REMINDER_DAYS 1).

There are four approvers in workflow sequence. The approvers are in below sequence(as example) :A, B(substitute X) , C, D

The shopping cart has been approved by A,X,C and pending for approval by D.Approver X is currently not set up as substitute for D approver however it could also be slight possibility that he/she was set up as substitute of approver D at some point of time however unfortunately there are no change records to prove that.

Now, every alternative day the external notifcation to approve the shopping cart is being sent to both approvers D and X.

We have issue reported by the end users, why approver X is getting notifications to approve the shopping cart whereas there is no such workitem in his/her mailbox?

Have you ever faced such problem ? Please help me to sortout this issue. Are there any useful notes availaible to fix this problem ?

Your help would be highly appreciated and rewarded.

-Navin K.