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Jul 16, 2012 at 12:17 AM

PRT Equipment Usage


Hi all,

Our requirement is to track some tools that are used during service, and may be determine if they are available to be assigned to a different service. These tools are moved/shipped to a customer. Once the service is complete at that customer, they are then moved to a diff. customer.

I am thinking of using PRT equipments (IE01) for these tools and assigning them (IW32) to the operations in a service order.

So, the question is - How do I track them --> How do I find to which (current) service order is the PRT assigned in order to locate the PRT. There is tcode CF23 that lists all the service orders to which a PRT is assigned. But how do I find the current service order which is open where the tool/PRT is? (as there could be 1000s of these service orders). I thought of picking up the service order that is not TECOed but there is no such option of selecting by status in CF23!!

Or, once the service order is TECOed, should we remove the PRT from that operation?

And how do we determine if a PRT is available to be assigned to a new service order? (i.e., it should not be assigned to a new service order that is not TECOed yet!!!)

Any help is greatly appreciated!