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Jul 15, 2012 at 06:14 AM

How to debug driver program (rffous_c)of cheque printing(pdf form) from the tcode f110.


Hello Experts,

I have kept a break-point in my driver program(RFFOUS_C) and started my debugging from f110 transaction. But when I execute the Proposal run, it is not stopping at that point. Can anyone help me on this? In addition, I need the interface between the driver program(rffous_c) and adobe form(layout) for cheque printing.i.e., actual values or logic that has been passed to the layout. In this driver program, they have designed for sap-script layout.

In some cases, For particular vendor, We have to print remittance advice and cheque in the same PDF form. So I need where the exactly is being carried out. Please tell me how to customise that driver program to the same.

Thanks in advance for your valuable answers. This is very urgent. I have a requirement on this. If any clarification needed on this, please let me know.