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Jul 13, 2012 at 08:05 AM

How to build ARC enabled Xcode projects with SUP 2.1 #ESD 3 iOS Generated Code


Hi experts,

In Xcode today, we can create ARC enabled projects, which means we do not need to use the retain, autorelease etc. keywords to manage the memory ourself.

But, in SUP ESD #3 which is the latest release, it generates the iOS codes from the MBO's without ARC. So these sets of codes will have the retain, autorelease etc. keywords used.

When we combine the both and compile, the compiler will throw errors as it will not allow usages of retain, autorelease etc. keywords in an ARC enabled project.

How can we use the code generated from SUP 2.1 ESD #3 with an ARC enabled Xcode project?