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Jul 13, 2012 at 07:49 AM

What is the purpose of the new BoEventTypes.et_FORM_VISIBLE?


Hi All

In SBO8.82 PL07 there is a new EventType called


Does anyone know what purpose this serves.. It seem to only happen on user-forms and after the normal et_FORM_LOAD, but other than that it does not seem to have any difference over the FORM_LOAD (I hoped for a minute it would expose the items on the User-form for easier integration but that turned out not to be the case)

Or is it something to do with the Default UDO forms?


Any1 have a clue as it is not documented in the SDK help yet...

btw. Same goes for the new

Application.FocusRestored property... Have no clue what that does either and again not documented :-(