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Former Member
Jul 13, 2012 at 06:47 AM

CFL enabled field on UDO form is not filled after value is chosen from its CFL.


Dear experts

I have created one UDO form and did the following on screen painter :

1. Selected the field of the form and created one CFL on 'Collection Tab'.

2. Entered '171' in 'Object Type' field on 'Collection' Tab. 2. Copy 'Unique ID' on 'Collection' Tab

3. Paste the 'Unique ID' On 'ChooseFromListUID' on 'Item' tab

4. Set 'ChooseFromListAutoFill' as 'True' on 'Item' tab

5. Clicked on 'Save form to Database' button on Screen painter's tool bar.

6.System alerts '"SBO resource file will be updated into database, do you want to continue?" Clicked 'Yes''.

Now , when I opend the UDO form, CFL had been added on that field but when i tried to selected from list, field was not filled. Please let me know where did I go wrong?