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Jul 12, 2012 at 03:21 PM

SNP keyfigure


Hi Folks,

There is a default key figure in SNP Planning book 'Supply Shortage'.

This key figure gets populated by a default macro (?! I am unable to spot this macro though 😔 ) in all SNP planning books.

Supply Shortage acquires a entry the moment Demand > Stock in Hand (this keeps happening 24X7 every instance new demand <sales orders & forecast> keeps pouring into the planning book)

The planning run (Heu/ CTM or optimization) which happens once every week, incorporates this & generates receipts & production orders. Does this has any effect on 'Supply Shortage' & 'Stock in Hand' ?

My issues is however like this :

Currently we have a product say A, maintained at 10 locations in APO.

Product A has individual supply shortages at some of these 10 locations, however when we try loading all 10 line items in one go we don't get the total value as the summation.

My hunch being it has something to do with the macro definition, its bucket definition & trigger processing (?! Is it the case 😔)

Any pointer would be heartily appreciated.