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Jul 12, 2012 at 12:59 PM

Dynamic interface in SOAP Sender Adapter


Hi all,

for a specific business scenario we provide several web services using PI 7.11. We would like to use one communication channel (configured as SOAP Sender) for the client application, the interface (namespace) provided in the endpoint URL should be used for the inbound processing:

In the SOAP sender channel we have configured the following parameters:

The endpoint URL is used according to SAP Note 856597 in the form:


We tried the following variants without success:

No sender agreement

Without a sender agreement we get the error: Couldn't retrieve inbound binding for the given P/S/A values: FP=;TP=;FS=TestSystem;TS=;AN=TestOut;ANS=urn:test;

One generic sender agreement (with * in interface/namespace)

The SOAP adapter throws an error: Bubble configuration error: parameter 'XI.InterfaceNamespace' is missing

Several specific sender agreements (one for each interface)

With specific sender agreements the SOAP adapter processes the messages without exceptions, but alsways uses the interface and namespace of the first message after the channel start. Other values for interface and namespace are ignored.

Is it at all possible to have one SOAP sender communication channel for multiple interfaces???

Thanks for your comments!



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