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Jul 12, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Wagetype with multiple records posting in Finance


Hi Experts,

We are maintaining Insurances using IT0014. Also using the reason for change in 0014 for the calculation of insurance relief in International payroll.

Scenario is like this:

AN employee can have multiple insurances like Education insurance, Life insurance and other types of insurances. For education and life insurance, there is a tax relief. So we want to input these education, life and other insurances types in reason for change and calcaute the relief. For thsi we are using one wageataype with different reasons like education or insurance or other insurances.

Now there are two challenges we are facing

1) Our ABAPer is able to read only one type of insurance. let us say 01 is for education insurance if he says in the code as 01 then the PCR is able to recognise the education insurance and calcuate the insurance relief. but it does not recognise other 02 and 3 types of insurances.

2) Incase if we are successful in reading the range of values, how this wagetype will be considered in postings to accounting as the wagetype with multiple records is being cumulated.

For ex: if i maintain a wagetype of 6000 (Axa life insurance) with two records 01 for education and 02 for life insurance , how will it be posted to finance.

Hope I am clear.

Can you please give me some ideas how we can handle this scenario.

Thanks & Regards,