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Jul 12, 2012 at 08:59 AM

Prolog In HTTP receiver adapter


Hi All,

My scenario is file--pi--jdbc(sync) . I am sending req to jdbc and receiving response and this response I need to pass to remote database through HTTP.

So I got response but I need to use prolog in receiver adapter as the remote database expect the paramter so I used different way to pass the variable in PROLOG parameter and read doco as well but not able to achive and everytime I am getting internal 500 server error. So I checked the connection as well and it is good. So I understood my resceiver HTTP wasnot able to understand the req So I tried different variables in PROLOG paramater like








But no luck still I am getting internal server 500 error. Can anyone please help how to pass variable in prolog paramater to make this successfull.