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Jul 12, 2012 at 07:19 AM

Effect on MRP RUN when MASOP and prod BOM are maintained.


HI ,

Please anyone can suggest me what will be the effect on MRP run when both MASOP and prod bom are maintained.

We have a scenario, in which same material has both the boms maintained with alternative bom techinque.

Now my question is that how will mrp run be impacted by this.

MASOP bom is maintained and linked with prod version l002 and prod version l001 with prod bom.

Now info record is linked with l002 so that in me38 all masop components are picke dup.

Please guide what will be the impact on mrp run.

the selection ind. in material master is 02 i.e by prod version.

MRP run prefers which prod version ?