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Jul 12, 2012 at 06:03 AM

Getting an Error while saving an Excise Invoice


When I am trying to save an Excise Invoice, it shows me an error "Error in allocating Dispatch Serial Number Interval not found Number object J_1IINTPR2"

The solution for this error is maintaining a number range for this object in SNRO t-code. But when I m trying to maintain the same, I need to select the excise group for that. I have already maintained Excise group in SPRO-->Logistics General--> Tax on Goods Movements-->India-->Basic Settings-->Maintain Excise Group. Doing this the excise groups should be present in the excise table 'J_1INEXCGRP', but I am not able to see it in this table. Because of which I am not able to maintain the Number range for the above mentioned object for the particular Excise group. I have maintained 4 Excise groups of which I am able to see only the 1st Excise group, rest of the three are not present in that table.

Can somebody tell me what shall I do to make entry of the remaining excise groups in this table.

Thanks in Advance.