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Jul 11, 2012 at 09:46 PM

where to set a variable parameter in webi


i need to default a webi to display only, the current fiscal year period records.

in the universe (UNX) feeding the webi, the records are returned as follows, by order type, and fiscal year period, and amount


ORDT1 2012006 100

ORDT2 2012006 150

ORDT1 2012007 110

ORDT2 2012007 160

ORDT1 2012008 120

ORDT2 2012008 170

as we are now in 2012007

i wish the webi, which is based over a universe, to only fetch the last two rows into the report.

this hopefully can be done when the report is scheduled, AND, when the next fiscal period comes up, i wish the webi only to display 2012008 and so on

so i am guessing, i need some kind of place to put some logic based around the day that the webi is run.

i do not want all the records returned to the webi, i am trying to filter them out, prior to hitting the webi, maybe in the query panel or universe ?

thanks in advanced