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Jul 11, 2012 at 07:43 PM

CR for VS10,, winform: ExportIsolated Property Ignored for GroupSectionOption


CR for VS10,, winform application.


.GroupSectionsOption = CsvExportSectionsOption.ExportIsolated

seems to be ignored by the runtime. Note that in Crystal Designer (2008 as well as 2011 this property works as expected).

I checked the report export options and they were all set by my code as expected:

ExportFormatType property for the Report object shows as CharacterSeparatedValues {10}

ExportMode shows as Standard {0}

GroupSectionsOption shows as ExportIsolated {1}

But the export behavior is as if the GroupSectionOption was set to just Export.

In other words, each Group section appears in the csv export repeatedly for each detail record.

Is this a known bug? Any way to work around this problem?


- Ido