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Jul 11, 2012 at 03:40 PM

Mail received in SBWP but not visible in SOST


Hi Experts,

We are struggling with an issue. When HR team triggers email using TCODE LSO_pv04; the mail is not visible in SOST.

For testing; I triggered a new email in SBWP to me; when I selected my SAP user ID as recepient (type internal user) It was delivered to my inbox in SBWP but could not see in SOST. And when I entered my outlook email address (internet address instead of internal user) it was visible in SOST.

We have received a querry; why emails triggered after selectin SAP user ID in LSO_PV04 are not visible in SOST. Could you please explain the difference between the two (SBWP inbox and mails visible in SOST). Bases on which we can advise team to check mails either in SMWP inbox or select recepient as internet addresss instead of SAP user ID.