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Jul 11, 2012 at 11:08 AM

Reorder point planned material


Hi Experts,

I have a huge number of materials with mrp type = VB - Reorder point planning & with other related data.

When stock falls below reorder point, MRP generates PR. This is OK.

But my question is on monitoring.

Since there are large number of parts & even if I use MD04 - collective access, then I get a huge list even if I enter the MRP controller & MRP Type = VB in the selection.

But in that list how can I find the part for which stock is below ROP & there is a PR. In output there are columns plant stock & ROP with proper values for each part. But it is not practically feasible to look upon those columns for each & every part.

Also for VB parts, we could not get the traffic light indications by which I can get the above said required indication.

I do not want safety stock to be used for those VB parts.

I want some identication in MD04 or any where else so that I can come to know that - those are the parts for which stock is below ROP (it is obviously assumed that MRP had already created PR for that OR will create in next MRP run)

Any help would be appreciated & rewarded.

Thank you,