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Jul 11, 2012 at 08:07 AM

Auto PO Creation


Hi All,

My case as below:

when user creating a shopping cart, if the item is contracted item, the SRM will auto assigned the supplier and contract number in source of supply.

Once the shopping cart is approved, the system should create a PO automatically.

However, when the shopping cart is approved, the shopping cart item is under approved status and no follow-on document is created.

i checked on BBP_PD, the status showed:

I1021 Created

I1038 Complete

I1106 Shopping Cart ordered

I1129 Approved

and under the table BBP_PDBEI

the logical system showing the SRM Server, not the SAP R/3

the follow-on document number is not assigned

my current configuration as below:

under the PPOMA, i had assigned the following in BSA

Document Type: ECPO

Source System: SAP R/3

Default: Yes

*ECPO is the PO document type if the source of supply is assigned in Shopping cart

Document Type: ZCPO

Source System: SAP R/3

Default: No

under Define Objects in Backend System (Purch, Reqs, Reservations, Purch. Orders)

Purch. Grp: *

Category ID: *

SourceSyst: empty

Int. proc.: 3 Always external procurement

Ext. proc.: 2 Purchase order if item data complete, otherwise PR

under the sourcing, Define Sourcing for Product Categories

category ID: *

SourceSyst: empty

Sourcing: 5. Aut. Grouping, Sourcing for item without assigned source

FYI, the contract is not replicate back to SAP R/3

Anything I missed or configure wrongly?

Pls advice


Mike Tan