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Jun 24, 2005 at 12:48 AM

TREX - pdfs with bitmaps


Hi all

I have setup TREX to index documents in the documents repository that have been uploaded by the client. It indexes all documents fine. However about 150 odd pdf files (which seem to have bitmaps in them) do not get indexed with the following error:

Filter: An exception has occurred while filtering

Return Code: 14960

Symptom: All pdf files with this error seem to contain images/bitmaps as content.

Errors from TrexPreprocessorAlert.trc file:

[01484] 2005-06-22 19:00:16.343 e preprocessor Preprocessor.cpp(03393) : HANDLE: DISPATCH - Processing Document with key '/documents/Native/int/BIS/Account Management/Business Units/Infrastructure/BIS Service Reports/Industry-Infrastructure.pdf' failed, returning PREPROCESSOR_ACTIVITY_ERROR (Code 14960)

[01484] 2005-06-22 19:00:17.062 e preprocessor Preprocessor.cpp(01458) : FILTER: TrexFilter '/documents/Native/int/BIS/Account Management/Business Units/Infrastructure/BIS Service Reports/Feb 05 - Industry-Infrastructure.pdf' completed with errors: As filterRc is 960 content is cleared, HARD ERROR.

Any pointers will be much appreciated.