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Jul 10, 2012 at 04:47 PM

PO Output: email address on some PO's replaced by email address from previous PO.



Not sure if anyone else has noticed this issue or if we have an anomaly going on here.

Our PO message configuration is basic, pretty straight SAP - meaning we don't have custom config other than the forms we use. We send PO's via email (external send), fax or just print. The issue we're seeing is that sometimes the email address when a PO gets to SOST differs from that in the Vendor Master. If the PO is displayed in ME22N or ME23N the email address is correct compared to the Vendor Master. If you view the record for the same PO in SOST it can be different. No changes are made by the Procurement staff.

We Release each PO before sending and the usual pattern for this problem is that 3 or more PO's are Released (bulk release) at the same time and the output is sent to SOST on Release. In SOST the first 2 (or 3) PO's will contain the correct email addresses and then the rest (whether it's one more or a dozen more) will have the email address from 2nd PO. Again, this isn't a consistent occurance and I can't duplicate it yet.

(Release ERP 7.2)

Any suggestions?