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Jul 10, 2012 at 02:22 PM

SAP Web Dispatcher as Front-end webserver to use with SiteMinder



We've implemented external facing portal with SAP Web Dispatcher as reverse proxy and it is working perfectly fine. This is our current setup.

Browser -> Hardware load balancer (CSS) -> SAP Web Dispatcher (this is in DMZ) -> SAP J2EE Engine (in intranet, uses ABAP UME) -> SAP ECC (in intranet).

Currently the authentication is happening in intranet. We want to perform the authentication in DMZ. To accomplish this, we are planning to synchronize the LDAP in the DMZ with the ABAP UME in intranet and use CA (Netegrity) SiteMinder for authentication. I read through several documents and posts on SDN and it appears that we've to use Apache or IIS as front-end webserver where we've to install the SiteMinder Web Agent and Session Linker. Knowing that SAP Web Dispatcher has limited capability (not a full fledged reverse proxy), is there a way to use SAP Web Dispatcher as front-end webserver?