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Jul 10, 2012 at 02:19 PM

block planning in apo



I am trying to setup block planning (tried also without configuration) using ppms in apo.

the main issue is to be able to plan on one machine the production in periods in which e.g. in week 24 only products with mrp controller 3 can run, week 25 only products of mrp controller 4, then week 5 to7 all products, then again products for mrp controller 3 can run.

I have created the characteristics, classes and assigned the class to the resource and created the blocks. I assigned the classes also to material master data but would like to avoid it, so the products will not be classified and hence while creating sales orders / purchase requisitions in snp area no pop up with the characteristic valuation appears. I assigned the classes to ppm.

Now when I plan I cannot get all the products in the block in which all products can run. All the planned orders go to the blocks which are specified only for products of one mrp controller. in the material master data, tab classification, and ppms I defined two characteristic value: 1. all .2. mrp controller nr e.g. 1..

I defining block in the resource nr 10 for all rpdocuts: value all. Hence I expected the system would generate planned orders for all products in that block. But when running product heursitic in ppt or "schedule by start time" heuristic in the graphical planning board, I cannot schedule any orders in the blocks for all products.

can someone help me with?

how can I setup the block planning without using configuration?

thanks in advance,