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Jul 10, 2012 at 11:25 AM

J1IG Partial Quantity Update



as per my client senerio, we implement the Depot excise invoice, now we try to upload the excise detials for old materials, so we try to enter the values in J1IG,

in that we ar giving the material no, and excise no, excise groul then if i select each line item and inputhe excise details,

if one line item having 100 qty means, but 30 is already billed for sale, so remain 70 qty only update in rg23 table for excise, so i have to enther the 70 qty in chellan qty , so if i enter 70 qty in chellan and reveived qty as 100, tht time its give the message " Qty check failed for item 0001. Enter qty equal to GR qty in More docs." as green, it will not allow me to save the document also. how can i solve this issue , any other option is it available ?

i search in goodle also, i am not getting any clarification, so plz suggest me immediatelly.