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Jul 10, 2012 at 10:34 AM

S_TABU_DIS Table Auth Group &NC& in SAP Delivered Defaults


Hi All,

I'm currently working on an implementation where there has been very little historical control over table access, and as a result there is a large number of roles containing display and / or change activity on S_TABU_DIS for table auth group &NC&.

I am about to begin a project which will attempt to bring the provision of &NC& in our roles back under control. I am not expecting this to be an easy or enjoyable task, but fortunately we have a relatively small number of roles and a small number of custom transactions, so I think it will at least be possible, especially with S_TABU_NAM now available to us.

So, one early step that I decided to carry out was to check if any role admin had erroneously updated SU24 defaults to propose S_TABU_DIS with a table auth group of &NC&. The intention was to correct these first, so that when we have eventually got ourselves clean, we would not then have the &NC& creeping back in again.

And here is where I noticed a large number of transactions (100) have SAP delivered default values for S_TABU_DIS with table auth group &NC&. Our SAP default data is quite well up to date, so I am wondering why SAP proposes this value, and would really appreciate any help you can give me with this.

None of our roles actually contain any of these 100 transactions, so they are not causing me any problem, but I would like to know why the SAP proposals are still for &NC&.

Thanks for any comments.

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