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Jul 10, 2012 at 10:05 AM

Finish product planning based on raw material delivery schedule


HI all,
I would like your advice to deal with the following process:
- I have a raw material that is delivered on a regular basis. Example: each first Monday of the month, raw material M is delivered by vendor V.
- These raw material need to be used the same week to product 1000 pieces of finish product F for customer C.
- The deliveries are regular and mapped with delivery calendars.

How to be sure that production planning consider that delivery calendar to propose planned order for Finished product F ?
I thank about the following way but I'm not sure that it's the good one : Material Master of F . MRP 1 Time phased + planning cycle but I'm not sure that it's the appropriate way as the first Monday of the month is not exactly every 30 days.

Thanks a lot for your help.