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Jul 10, 2012 at 07:54 AM

Action Start Condition


Hi Experts

We have 2 fields in Lead Overview Page namely:

1. Employee Responsible

2. Created By

The "Created By" field automatically takes the user id of the employee creating the lead and the field is greyed out. It takes the valus as 000000PKR (for example). Now the Employee Responsible is coming from some other source in the Lead (example from Org. Structure). The Employee Responsible is filled in with the Name e.g say Punit Kapoor. Now 'Punit Kapoor' has the user name as 000000PKR but both are appearing in the screen as:

1. Employee Responsible ---> Punit Kapoor

2. Created By ---> 000000PKR

We have a requirement wherein we want to send an Alert to the Employee Responsible of the Lead when the "created by" field of the lead is different from the "Employee Responsible". After setting the requisite Start Condition, the Alert is always been sent to the Employee Responsible because the values of both these fields are different only as shown above.

The system is taking the field values as appearing on the screen without checking the backend User ID which is same in the above case.

Could anyone please guide how to do the necessary customising settings so that either:

1. The Employee Responsible Field should have value '000000PKR'

2. Created By Field should have value 'Punit Kapoor'

3. System should convert any of the 2 field values to check the backend maintained User ID for comparison in the Start Condition.

Any inputs in this regard would be of greta help.


Punit Kapoor