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Jul 10, 2012 at 06:12 AM

WBS element hierarchy


Dear Experts,

I have created one module pool program in PS module for creating project with WBS elements.

Based on Template Hierarchy in CJ93 Tcode, all the WBS elements are displayed in screen as Table control, Values for WBS element are fetched from prpss table.


If the user creates a new child hierarchy in existing template (CJ93), then it will be saved at last row in PRPSS table based on OBJNR and logic for displaying WBS in screen is based on PRPSS table and its displayed as same sequence in PRPSS table. But in the transaction CJ93, the hierarchy is different.

I want to display same sequence of WBS elements as in CJ93 tcode. Is there any logic to display like CJ93?

PRPSS Table Entries: (Same sequence in module pool program also)


300 181 2-R0XXX-RBL Road Build PT00000181 12 300 182 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG1 Package 1 PT00000182 12 300 183 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG2 Package 2 PT00000183 12 300 184 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG1-E Engineering PT00000184 12

CJ93 Transaction Code sequence:

2 2-R0XXX-RBL Road Build 2-R0XXX-RBL 3 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG1 Package 1 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG1 4 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG1-E Engineering 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG1 3 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG2 Package 2 2-R0XXX-RBL-PKG2

Thanks and Regards,

Arindam Samanta.