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Jul 09, 2012 at 07:50 PM

Understanding risk ids- 7 digit action rule ID and 9 digit permission rule ID


Hi Guys,

Need your help in understanding how are the 7 digit rule ids and 9 didgit permission rule id. As far as my understanding goes,the risk id comprises of 4 digits(specific to the functions that conflict i.e. GL01 &GL02) +3 digit(specific tcodes in the question i.e. FS01 and F-21) + 2 digit(??).

My guess wud be to distinguish the specific associated permission i.e. delete/create/modify etc. Please confirm?

Also, another doubt. Since there is a restriction of 3 digits given to combination of tcodes(if my understanding is correct) doesnt it kinda puts a limit to maximum no of tcode i can have in a function rather than the function being an exhaustive all-inclusive repository of related actions. This might be an issue if an orginization has a lot of customized Tcodes.

Sorry if the queries seem juvenile. Would be really thankful for any insights into understanding risks.