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Former Member
Jul 09, 2012 at 02:40 PM

Process Chain runs red, process stays yellow but chain is completed green


Hello experts,

I've got a small process chain, which is behaving oddly. The DTP runs and the box is displayed in yellow. The Activation of the DSO starts, but the DTP-process is still yellow, even though the process monitor shows that everything went fine and finished okay. At this point the overall state off the process chain turns red. The rest of the process chain runs threw just fine, but the state of the process chain remains red and the state of the DTP-load stays yellow.

When I'm now right clicking at the DTP-process and choosing the option 'End Process again' the process becomes green and the whole process chain will be green as well. But of course I can't always do this step manually.

I already tried to put in a 10seconds delay before the activation of the DSO, but it didn't change anything. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks already for your help!