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Jul 09, 2012 at 07:26 AM

Budget structure mapping



Client communicated me that it changed its budget structure on as soon as new fiscal year starts. Furthermore it has come up with rather a surprising requirement which has forced me to use budget structure feature in FM-BCS. Client gives a lump sum budget to different department of 5 schools in Universities. Eg. School XYZ has3 departments client allocates lump sum amount for each of these three departments i-e 12 M given to fund center created for dept 1 of school XYZ. Now the dept 1 may have 5 departments in it which we will represent in Cost center. I will create 5 fund centers for them too but they will derive their budgets from fund center of dept 1. So every time there is budget consumption postings for these fund centers there budget will be derived from their dept 1 fund center. For this particular requirement i need to activate Budget structure in FM-BCS. Am i right ?