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Jul 09, 2012 at 06:49 AM

Individual/coll. Incicator.


Hi All,

I am aware of what Individual/coll. indicator is but only in theoretical terms. So in order to understand it, I created some dummy data and I am stuck with the results. So need your expertise on this :

So there are 3 materials A, B and X. X is the Component in A's and B's BOM's.

Is this necessary that all the three materials should be having Planning strategy as '20' in MRP3 view? Or having '20' only for A and B will do the job.

I have created two sales orders for the Materials with same requirement date. In SOs I have put 'KE' as requirement type.

After running MRP the planned orders were created for A and B but when I looked into MD04 for X, I found that the Dep. Req. was maintained separately for the two Planned Orders.(As I thought the Dep Req. will be triggered collectively--->Ignoring the fact that there are two different Planned Orders).

So yes I am a bit hazy on the results that I should expect after all this. So please guide me on what exactly should I expect after putting Ind/ Coll Indicator in MTO scenario, And where I can expect to see the changes.

And one more question, for which material should I set the indicator, for A and B or only for X.

Please let me know if any further info is required.