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Jul 08, 2012 at 02:18 PM

How can I change a DB field Source in all my reports simultaneously ?



I have several thousands (!!) of crystal reports connected to one Databse.

The DB has been upgraded lately and many table fields were changed (by name or by refernece).

Is there a way to search , locate and replace all my "old" DB Fields appearances in my crystal reports without opening them one by one ?

I know that the reports are saves as ".rpt" files and not stored in the DB itself , in this case i could search and replace the field name with the new one.

But i have several thousands ! "rpt" files which i need to modify all at once.

For example :

my DB table name is "SpplorH" stores purchase order heading.

The "SpplorH_Attribute1" field was changed to "SpplordH_currency_code" after DB Upgrade.

How can i find all appearnces of "SpplorH_Attribute1" in my "rpt" reports files and change it to "SpplordH_currency_code" ?

The only way i see is to open thousands of reports and look and replace , this is not practical at all !!

Thanks a lot in advanced,