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Jul 08, 2012 at 07:34 AM

Distribution of Contract to ERP


Hi All,

System: SRM 701 and ECC- 603

As per requirement, i am uploading initial contracts to SRM from ERP. Once the contract is uploaded and released and sending back the same contract to ERP, so further call-offs (Ex: PO) will be created based on this contract.

I created contract with 1 line item in ERP, uploaded to SRM and released. In ERP side, BLAORD idoc is configured, so it will again proceess the same contract using FM: IDOC_INPUT_BLAORD. Problem here is, in ERP side it is creating additional line for the same contract (which was created initially in ERP with 1 line item. I would like to know, is this the std. behaviour or am i doing any thing wrong?. Any inputs are really appreciable.

PS: If i check in the FM: IDOC_INPUT_BLAORD, it is using BDC and checks if contract exists then call ME32K, else call ME31K.

Regards Vinoth