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Jul 07, 2012 at 12:06 PM

Asset not appearing in AR02


Hi ,

Let me take an Example to explain the scnario.

We have procured an Asset say X on Jan 2011 at a price of 100 & Depreciation of 6.33%

If we try to calculate the depriciation till March 2011 , then it would be :

Per Month Depreciation = (100*6.33)/12 = 0.52(app)

Depreciation from Jan to Mar = 0.52 *3= 1.582

By Mistake user has uploaded the opening Depriciation on April 2011 as Rs 100 instead on 1.582.

Due to which value of item becoms Zero & system did not calculate any depreciation on it further.

Now when our User are trying to view the AR02 on 31.3.2012 , they can view the Opening Dep. as 100 .

But when they view the AR02 on 1.4.2012 , they are unable to view that asset.

Is it possible to display Gross Block all Zero Value Assets in the asset history report of 31.3.2012.

pls guide.