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Jul 07, 2012 at 11:13 AM

BO4 - Identical SIA names in a cluster or best separate SIA names



Plan on installing BOE on 2 Windows 2008 servers which will operate as part of a cluster i.e. one CMS database.

1 server will run Tomcat and possible Adapative job server depending on resources available.

Other will run remaiing BO4 components.

Planning full install on both but disabling services on each one.

Question I have if say server 1 create SIA and has port No 6410, I'm assuming on server 2 can also have SIA called SIA running on port 6410 on that machine

or would it be better to have two SIAs with diffreent names e.g SIA1 for server 1 running on port 6410 and SIA2 for server 2 running on port 6400 on that server

or do the SIA names need to be different and is there any limit on length e.g calling SIASERVER1 SIASERVER2 etc.