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Jul 07, 2012 at 04:49 AM

MIGO Excise Item Level Round off



In purchase order, i used 17 routine for round of the excise value. but in migo screen, if i take full quantity only, it will come with round off, if i take partial quantity for migo, the excise values is not getting round off at item level and excise tab level, but i need to round of at item level, then it will reflect to exicse tab level also. so is there any option to round of in exice item level ?

for eg :

In PO : for 10 Quantity

BED : 1233

Cess : 25

Ecess : 12

In MIGO : for 2 Quantity

BED : 246.6

Cess : 4.93

Ecess : 2.46

for this if i give credit to my customer, that time i cant able to match my excise credit , so am getting problem, plz reply me immediatelly .