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Jul 06, 2012 at 07:52 PM

Formatted Search and drop down box


I have a UDF for an Internal Sales Person (ISE) on the CRD1 table that I pull to the Sales Order through a formatted search.

There are times we want to override that UDF and I wanted to have a drop down field to allow it to happen. When I added the valid fields the formatted search no longer works.

I am pulling in from the OSLP the name to populate the ISE on the CRD1. Is there a way to modify the query to allow it to be over ridden using the OSLP as well.

Here is my query now.

SELECT U_ISEName FROM CRD1 where CardCode = $[$4.0.0] and Address=$[$40.0.0]

Appreciate any help in finding away to do this