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Jul 06, 2012 at 11:51 AM

inventory data loading steps checklist


hi experts ,

i am going to reload inventory data. after study i have loading procedure . before going ahead with the procedure can any help me by correcting my loading process check list.

loading procedure steps:

step1:drop aggregates,stop process chain,delete data from infocube, delete data from psa

step2:take down time (00:00:01) ex:08.07.2012 (00:00:01)

step3:run v3 wit immediate,clear rsa7,deshedule v3 jobs by deleting released jobs

step4:delete data from setup table ,fill 2lis_03_bx setup table mcnb

step5:load data to biw with full info package ,compress requst with marker update

step6:delete data from setup table ,fill setup table for 2lis_03_bf ,2lis_03_um -----OLI1BW,olizbw(for last 1month from today )

step7:load data to biw with full info package(bf,um) and compress requst without marker update

steps8:intialize 2lis_03_bf,2lis_03_um datasources

shall i release end users after step8 ???

should i cancel v3 job run while loading historical data or shall i reschedule it ???

i assue that i am locking endusers while loading historical and going ahead with process

i wann load data from 2009 to till date .

step9:split data into different sets and will fill setup table for old data(bf,um)

shall i run parallel loads for bf ,will go posting date wise??

step10:load data to bi with full infopackage and compress witout maker

step11:reshedule v3,job,rebuild aggregates,rerun infopackage .

please suggestion me if i miss out any step or doing in wrong way ???

thanks in advance .