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Jul 06, 2012 at 11:53 AM

Reconfiguration to run central instance on Cluster.


Hi All,

We have Netweaver 7.0 installed on Sun Solaris and Oracle as database.We have a cluster configured but our central instance (JC01) is not failing over to node2 on failure of node1 while database and central services (SCS) has no issue on running on either node.

we performed a check and found that at the time of installation Central Services Instance (SCS) was installed on virtual node (SAPPLPNW) while Central Instance (JC01) and Dialog Instance (J01) were installed on SAPPLPR1 and SAPPLPR2 respectively.Also below profile parameter justified the same configuration.Below are the profiles we have :

START_SCS00_sapplpnw – Start Profile for SCS

START_JC01_sapplpr1 - Start Profile for JC01

START_J01_sapplpr2 - Start Profile for J01

PPR_SCS00_sapplpnw – Instance Profile for SCS

PPR_JC01_sapplpr1 – Instance Profile for JC01

PPR_J01_sapplpr2 – Instance Profile for J01

Start profile is using SAPLOCALHOST = sapplpr1 and Also Start profiles is calling PPR_JC01_sapplpr1 instance profile ( _PF = $(DIR_PROFILE)/PPR_JC01_sapplpr1) where again host name is SAPPLPR1 ( SAPLOCALHOST = sapplpr1).

Whereas this is not the case with SCS , in both Start and Instance profiles SAPLOCALHOST = sapplpnw so SCS has dependency on virtual host and can be started on either node depending upon the location of virtual host (i.e. on which host this service is running).

Now we want to do the reconfiguration to make sure that central instance is able to run on cluster and can failover to node2 like cetral services (SCS) and Database. Please suggest what options we have to do this reconfiguration.

Thanks and Regards

Sachin Gupta