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Jul 06, 2012 at 07:06 AM

BPC 10 NW - Cross Model Package Link



Let's say I have 2 models. Each of them are loaded out of BW InfoProviders using data manager. Also master data is different from model to model and most of it is coming out of BW as well.

Since we have to create these loading packages in their respective model in the Data Manager I was wondering how you could schedule the complete loading of all packages (including the ones in the other models) in just 1 package link.

For example:

- MODEL FINANCE is more aggregated on "Cost Center Group" level and gets data from IP1 from BW

- MODEL FINANCE_DETAIL is more detailed on "Cost Center" level and gets data from IP2 from BW.

This means I will have 2 packages per model in the DM:

    • Package 1: Load Cost Center Group Matser Data out of BW InfoObject
    • Package 2: Load Transaction data out of IP1
    • Package 3: Load Cost Center Master Data out of BW InfoObject
    • Package 4: Load Transaction Data out of IP2

Now I would like to have one package link that triggers first all master data loads and then all transaction data loads at once:

Start --> Run Package 1 --> Run Package 3 --> Run Package 2 --> Run Package 4

Is there any way to do this in BPC?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,