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Jul 05, 2012 at 05:39 PM

Why cant we take pair type3 in lunch allowance Pcr?


HI Experts,this is my requirement saying that Lunch Allowance PCR

Client Requirement:Lunch allowance will be given only when employee attended to office .But, this will be given only once in a day.

So, why becoz we can see employee can have multiple logins and logouts.So, only once it will be given to them.

So,for this kind of requirement we have to capture employee attendance as well as and then pair types also we have to consider.In this pcr we have to maintain pair type3only.or pair type 1also.

Pair Type3:Employee worked at offsite (IT2002)

Pair Type1:Employee worked means employee attended(IT2000-IT2011) With this infotype we can maintain the record.

So, my question can we give both the pair type 1 as well as pair type3 in PCR?

What will be the difference between these pair type 1and pair type 3?