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Jul 05, 2012 at 03:46 PM

Key figure value calculation


Dear All,

Good day!!

I have a issue. could you please help me in solving this issue.

The scenario is:

While the data is loading from source to BW, the key fig price should be calculated as.

Price = cumulative price of same material numbers in BW – Source Price value of that particular record.

***** Material is the key field

For suppose take the below example. From Source, the below record is loading to target..

In Source In BW

1st record,
Material Date Price Material Date Price
M01 03.05.2012 200 M01 03.05.2012 200

2nd record,

M01 08.05.2012 300 M01 08.05.2012 100 (This value is arrived by the diff b/n source price and BW Price)
3rd record,
M01 15.05.2012 200 M01 15.05.2012 -100 (sum of all the price values in BW minus source price value. the particular records price value should be equal to the sum of price values in the BW side)

For 3rd record, the BW value is arrived by the below calculation

Sum of Prices in BW should be equal to that particular record of source.

200+ 100 equal to 200 { considering the 3rd record }

300 (-100) equal to 200 { hence -100 should be the value in BW to make the price in BW and Price in Source to be equal }

Kindly help me in solving this issue.

thank you!!