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Jul 05, 2012 at 02:28 PM

SAP PS Validation


Hi all,

I have looked at the forum and various others but I cannot seem to find a solution to my problem.

I am building a validation on the WBS element level to ensure that WBS follows the project definition.

I have created Coding Mask as follows C-XXXXX- Project Definition thus has C-00001 as the number. When I create WBS under the project definition I want to perform check to ensure that is has prefix equal to Project Definition. Thus Level 1 WBS = C-00001, Level 2 WBS = C-00001-01 etc. should be allowed.

I created the following validation PRPS-POSID :1-7: = PROJ - PSPID. This did not work as I got my custom validation error message on all WBS created even if correct as specified above. Subsequently change this to PRPS-POSID :1-7: = PROJ - PSPID :1-7: Did not receive error on Level 1 WBS anymore (C-00001) but still got in on Level 2 WBS C-00001-01.

Also thought the special character "-" might be the reason for the problem so I split the validation and created PRPS-POSID :1-1: = PROJ - PSPID :1-1: AND PRPS-POSID :3-7: = PROJ - PSPID :3-7: Still received the same results.

Thank you;