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Jul 05, 2012 at 01:56 PM

Z condition table inactive



1. I have created a new condition table A997 in ECC.

2. In order to replicate it to CRM I followed instructions I was given (R3AS for DNL_CUST_CNDALL, SE37 to reset IPC buffer and SM52 to reset VMC) in the PRD environment.

3. As this was not working I searched for other means so I added my condition table for the specific discount condition type to table MNTCNT (ECC - SPRO - Integration ... - CRM - Basic functions - Data exchange conditions) without reading the IMG documentation (I know, my bad).

This MNTCNT is only filled in PRD, not in our QAS or DEV environment.

As we inherited this CRM system from the past, I wanted to set things right and ajusted the table in DEV and transporting it to QAS and PRD.

4. After repeating step 2 in all environments, I found back CUS997 in DEV and QAS, but not in PRD.

5. Next I contacted an external consultant who told me to open the ECC PRD system for cross client changes. This worked out well and CUS997 is in CRM PRD.

6. I noticed when performing VK11 for A997 that this was not possible in ECC, making me realize what I had done in step 3 was incorrect.

7. I corrected the MNTCNT table and A997 was back usable from within ECC. Test orders were fine, taking correct discounts ...

Now we come to my actual problem.

After step 3 something else must have gone wrong for the condition tables (A983 and A984 for the record) that should only be updatable from within CRM (they were already in table MNTCNT and nothing changed).

The result is that in the existing service contracts all price agreements are in status yellow telling me that the conditions cannot be maintained in CRM.

This means they are currently not updatable nor can new contracts be given price agreements.

If I search for condition tables CUS983 and CUS984 in CRM PRD customizing, I notice that there are 2 lines for each of them now, both in status inactive:

a CUS983 (blank)


c CUS984 (blank)


In CRM DEV and CRM QAS only 1 line for both can be found (the one with the CRM table name).

My guess is that in PRD a and c should become active again.

As I cannot test in DEV or QAS because of different situations, I do not risk to make this change.

What would be the impact? Are existing conditions not deleted?

Could someone shed a light on this?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,