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How to add Hana views manually to changelists?

Dec 30, 2016 at 10:13 PM


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Change management is enabled in my system, so when we activate a Hana view, or activate a new security role, you are prompted to assign the object to a change list. Well, how can you create a change list, and then manually assign objects to the change list?

Alternatively, in ECC we can add a transport back into the queue so we can re-transport a change. Can you re-transport a changelist?

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Also, is there a way that I can see the changelist that an object is assigned to while in development?

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2 Answers

Gopinath Kolli Jan 02, 2017 at 08:56 AM

> Manually assign objects to change list.

As far as i know there is nothing like adding objects to change list manually. But you can do one thing. Make a dummy change (like adding space) to the objects you want to add to change list and activate them.

Note: if there are lot of objects I suggest you to use activate all option.

>Can you re-transport a changelist?

I think there is an option called re deployment. i am not sure about this.

>is there a way that I can see the changelist that an object is assigned to while in development?

I don't think there is a way as of now. But i can tell you a work around so that you will find the changelist number easily.

1.create a test object which should be in inactive state. do a dummy change to the object for which you want to find the changelist. make sure.

Now use Activate all option and select the above two objects for activation. At the point where you need to select changelist, if you have the object(2nd) in the changelist already. only that changelist will be suggested, if not all the existing changelist number will be suggested. Thus you can find the changelist of a particular object.

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Is there then a way to copy the change list, the same as how you would create a transport from a copy of another transport in Basis? Or, can you alter a change list after release, and remove items from it? Here is my problem, I created a change list with 40 security roles. One has a problem, so none of the security roles will transport. Ideally I would like to remove that one role, complete the transport, and then fix the one role.


>Is there then a way to copy the change list

I don't think it is possible.

> can you alter a change list after release

We can't alter the change list after release

>>Here is my problem

I think you can save your changes in a new Change list and transport both the change lists at the same time.


You are correct Gopinath. All I needed to do, was fix the 1 role that had a problem and assign it to a new change list, and then release the change list for transport. Then I transported both change lists at the same time, and the problem was fixed. Thank you.


forgot to mention one thing. You have to transport the change list in order. First the 40 objects one and then the single one.

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Former Member Dec 31, 2016 at 08:34 PM

Hello Andre,

Once the change tracking is enabled. The first time you activate, the system creates/prompts for a default change list.

To create additional change list you have to use the Lifecycle Management tool @ http://xxxxx:8000/sap/hana/xs/lm/index.html?page=ChangeTrackingTab , provided you have the privileges to do this.

To answer your second question - when you activate any object the "Assign Objects to Change" box pops up. Here under the change, you can check the drop-down objects list.

Another way would be to join the tables "CHANGE_ENTRIES" and "CHANGES" in "_SYS_REPO" schema.


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I am familiar with the ChangeTrackingTab, and here you can see which objects are assigned to a change list, but you have to go changelist by changelist for all developers to find it. I will try joining the tables as you suggested.

Thank you.


Thank you Benedict. I created a view by joining Change_Entries and Changes, and it works beutiful.

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Andre Coetser

Glad it works. Please don't forget to close the thread :)