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Jul 05, 2012 at 12:06 PM

Report to show where a price has been changed on sales order.



How can I determine which resellers (distribution channel) are manually changing (reducing) the price on sales order.

The aim is to run the report daily to determine original price and the reduced price for all sales order created/changed manually.

I am able to get the rate please advice how can i determine the previous rate.

I am fetching record which were created and changed on current date from table VBAK.

SELECT vbeln erdat ernam aedat knumv

INTO TABLE it_sales_order

FROM vbak

WHERE vbak~erdat EQ p_erdat

OR vbak~aedat EQ p_erdat

AND vbak~vtweg EQ '02'.

From condition table KONV i am able to get the current rate.

SELECT knumv kschl kbetr ksteu

FROM konv

INTO TABLE it_condition

FOR ALL ENTRIES IN it_sales_order

WHERE knumv EQ it_sales_order-knumv

AND ksteu EQ 'C'. " C - manually changed.

How can I get the previous rate ?

Please advice. Thanks!