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Jul 05, 2012 at 11:52 AM

BEx query: CO-PA data and hierarchy


Hi BEx fans

We need to design a report in BEx.

There is a hierarchy in play, with let us say 2 levels. 2 Key figures are determined.

Hierarchy Level 1 Hierarchy Level 2 Key figure 1 Key figure 2 Commercial Business 150 150 Mix0 100 50 Mix1 50 100 Non Commercial Business 100 100 Mix1 100 100

Regarding the key figures let us explain it more detailled, they are designed depending on hierachy level values:

Key figure 1 should be be restricted by Mix0 and Mix1 (hierarchy level 2). On the other way it should also be restricted on Mix1 (level 2).

I have defined a query which doubles the keyfigures, instead of 2 there are at all 4 keyfigures. Executing the query you will see the 4 keyfigures correctly in a line (row area).

If you add the charateristic with collapsed hierarchy you will also see the these key figures correctly, but if you extract the hierarchy level from 1 to 2, you will recognize that the doubled keyfigures will be shown (with no values -> correct).

Question: Do you know a way how to eliminate these "duplicate" key figure rows when using the hierarchy? Is there another way to solve this problem?