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Former Member
Jul 05, 2012 at 11:02 AM

ASN status not updated using RSMIPROACT report


Hi Experts

I am facing the following issue where I would need your urgent help &suggestions.

For a dynamic replenishment scenario, GR was completely done for a PO, thus making ASN status as GC( Good receipt complete) and PO header status in "Delivery complete". Accordingly, data in OFM monitor (Customer Firm Requirement, Supplier Firm Receipt & Supplier in-transit quantity) also got updated correctly.

Now GR is canceled by the user in ECC. Using RSMIPOACT report, we managed to send the GR reversals from ECC to SNC system which updated the PO status back to "Open". Accordingly, "Customer Firm requirement" and "Supplier firm receipts" data in OFM is also updated. However, ASN status remains as "GC". it is not updated, so as the "supplier in transit" quantity also not updated.

I tried to run the RSMIPROACT report using ProductActivityNotification.xml as well assuming it might update the ASN status in SNC. However, it did not update in SNC.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? Could this be the reason that if an ASN acquires the status "GC", it is not possible to change the ASN status back to "published". Hence ASN reference data is not getting updated?

Would greatly appreciate your response.