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Jul 05, 2012 at 10:39 AM

Configure Number Format and save Number larger than 12 digits


Dear SAP Experts,

I have two Questions:

1. 1. About Number format

Usually, Number format is: 1,000,000.000

That means:

+Thousand Seperator is: “,”

+Decimal Places is “.”

I need to configure the Number format as: 1.000.000,000

That means:

+Thousand Seperator is: “.”

+Decimal Places is “,”

How can I configure Number Format everywhere (Interactive Planning Table…) in SCM as above.

2. 2. How to configure to save number larger than 12 digits

Currently with Key figure, when input number, system doesnot allow to save number less than or equal 12 digits. When I input a number more than 12 figure value, like 9999999999999 (13 digits), system show messages:

“Value of key figure KF1 in period 05.07.2012 - 05.07.2012 too large”


“A key figure value is larger than the maximum permitted twelve figure value of 999999999999 in at least one bucket of the data view.”

As I know, in Database, system can store a much larger values.

How can I configure save number greater than 12 digits

Thanks very much for your support!